Which Cities Have The Best Bank Deals and Rates?

I recently read Which Cities Have the Best Bank Deals and Rates, an article that highlights three cities in the US that have very good deals for people who are looking for a bank. While I wouldn’t recommend moving to one of these cities just to take advantage of these deals :) I thought I’d mention the article.

Here are the cities listed and a brief quote from the article (check out the full article for more):

Chicago, Illinois:

competition is fierce between smaller banks like Cole Taylor Bank, Amcore Bank, Millenium Bank, and Broadway Bank who have offered Chicagoland residents great rate deals on certificates of deposit, money market accounts, and savings accounts for years.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Bank 2, AmericaNet Bank, Bank of the Wichitas, and Evantage Bank are all offering their own branded reward checking accounts with yields of over 5%.

St. Louis, Missouri

the city has over ten banks which are consistently promoting their deposit products both locally in the St. Louis metropolitan area and nationally. Triad Bank and St. Louis Bank are offering CD rates of over 3% today

If you live in one of these cities and you are looking for a bank, then you may be in luck! If you’re not, stay tuned and we’ll have some tips in future on how to choose the best bank for you.

Note, although it’s always nice to get a good deal from your bank, it’s important not to focus too much on them. Deals come and go. Often the deals in place when you join a bank don’t last. Focus on the other criteria outlined on this blog (and others) for choosing the best bank for you, as they are less likely to change.


James said...

Yeah, even i have heard that Oklahoma City is providing on of the best bank rates around.
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